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Not too long ago BFD and I stopped by to see our Number Two Son who was anticipating some minor surgery in the near future (he has since had the surgery, and he's fine).  His wife was at work but it was a school holiday so their boy, Jacob, was at home with dad.  

The first word that comes to mind when I think of Jacob is "thoughtful".  That seems a strange word even to me because Jacob is also athletic, intelligent, and affectionate.  He loves school and "he didn't get that from me," says his daddy.  Jacob is a red-head and looks a lot like Prince Harry, especially when Harry was a boy.  Jacob entered the world abruptly nine years ago; he was several weeks premature.  His mom, who had had a difficult pregnancy, developed high blood pressure and was hospitalized;  it was decided that they should induce labor.  How we prayed!  And then, on the evening of 25 March, 2004 a tiny little guy was born, 4 lbs 5 oz and 18 inches long.  His legs were like a stork's, and his little face a mixture of mom and dad.  I was there.  Our son held his son and smiled over at me as if to say, "How about that, Mom?"  The nurse asked what his name was to be.  "Jacob" said the new dad and a sound ofapproval went up around the room.

As we all know, many preemies have breathing difficulties, or vision problems, etc, but not Jacob.  He did have a little trouble nursing but it was because his mouth was so tiny.  When he was given the bottle (and mother's milk, at first) he began to thrive and just like a full-term infant, he grew and grew without a hesitation.  Today, Jacob is as solid as a rock, body and spirit.  

Jacob went home with us the day we visited his dad.  He was spending the weekend with his cousin, Max, at our home.  They are about three years apart in age but are good friends.  On the drive, Jacob sat in the back seat and asked a couple of wistful questions.  

"Grandma and Grandpa", he said, "was it hard to have five kids in your family?"  "No, Jacob, we loved having our kids.  It was lots of fun".  Jacob's blue eyes became a little distant.  "I don't have any brothers or sisters".  His cousins were his family,  but he didn't spend much time with them anymore because they had moved.

I had a thought.  "You know, Jacob, I have a friend, a really nice man, who was an only child when he was a boy.  But when he grew up and got married, he had fifteen kids.  Your mom and dad would have had some more kids if they could have but things didn't work out that way.  They're really glad to have you, though.  You could maybe have some kids when you grow up.  You'd be a great dad."  I looked back into Jacob's wide eyes.  "I could have kids?"  he said, as if he had never had that thought before.  "Wow."  And Jacob smiled, looking out the car window.  

I love Jacob.

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