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Published on June 17, 2013 By charliemama In Misc


BFD and I have 13 grandchildren and they are all pretty wonderful.  (I have outside confirmation on this, lest you think I am baised!)  The oldest is nearly twenty-six now, married though not yet a mother;  but that could change at any time.  The youngest is almost four.  There are nine girls and four boys and they're all intelligent and loving.

I can hardly stay up late enough to do justice to all of them tonight, or even one of them if I had forever.  So I'll take them one at a time, and not in any particular order.  

Hannah is a girly girl.  She was watching some makeovers on the internet when we were visiting today, so she didn't look up until I bent over the back of her chair and kissed her cheek.  She smiled up and me, a delicious, sweet little smile reflecting her beautiful nature.  Hannah is emotional, feminine, over-the-top enthusiastic, impatient, impetuous, and Broadway-stage larger-than-life.  She has shiny black hair, deep brown eyes, golden complexion, a little pot belly, and a sturdy nine-year-old body.  She is healthy and gorgeous, bearing more than a passing resemblance to the actress Sydney Penny when a child.  Complex and on the edge at all times, Hannah is full of words, plans, excitement, and protests all at once.  She loves foofy dresses, bright cosmetics, books, crafts, field trips, and her family.  She has to be up and doing, but is one of the best pray-ers I have ever had the blessing to know.  

Hannah is a middle child so of course she, by definition will always be in need of some extra attention.  She's explaining her garden to me, her latest book she's reading, what's new on the internet, what dress she wants me to make for her (I beg for these opportunities!) and it is all hyperbole.  I wish she knew how precious and beautiful she is.  I love Hannah.

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